Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are a good place to begin any e-Marketing campaign. A recent study showed that 85% of people turn to search engines when looking for something on the tangled web. By establishing a presence here, you greatly increase the chances of bringing visitors to your site. Getting listed on directories and search engines is the most logical and cost-effective means of placing your site where potential visitors can find it.

Our e-marketing specialists are experts in optimizing your site for the search engines. We start by researching the most effective keywords and phrases which are then strategically placed within relevant copy and content on your site and within special doorway pages. We then do careful manual submissions to the search engines, including requests to be included in relevant directories. We also follow up to make sure the submissions were accepted (quite often you may have to submit two or three times before your site is indexed).

Search engine optimization dovetails nicely with the community building part of the campaign. Link popularity is an increasingly important factor for ranking on the search engines. This means that developing links to your site on other directories and topic-related web pages is integral to building a strong presence on the search engines.

At Hudson Valley Webmasters, we provide value added services in HTML optimization, doorway pages, strategy and consultation, engine and directory research and manual submissions.