DVR Systems

What is DVR?

DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder and has the ability to independently support and process 16 cameras and allow high quality recording, live local viewing, user friendly searching and playback of events, and the ability to independently and selectively adjust each camera independently.

The system fully password protects adjustments and viewing and grants access to local or remote features with user-friendly buttons. Event searching and playback or camera and system adjustments can be done without interrupting the current events that are being recorded.

Recorded or stored images can be printed on a standard printer either locally or remotely (off-site), clipped, or streaming video images can be saved to a floppy disk, hard drive or CD for permanent storage. Images can also be saved as a file and e-mailed to selected individuals to allow for additional verification.

Remote viewing and control will require an internet or Telco. connection on both sides.

Our installation staff will be happy to assist with any network questions, connections, settings, and the many options available.

We are confident that within a short time you will recognize how the addition of cameras and the CanSeeU DVR in your location will become an instant deterrent against theft and provide a reliable and acurate management tool. You can now have the ability to simply view and manage your location at your convenience from anywhere at any time and monitor your employees work habits and production. No one will know when you are watching or not, this can become the most effective and convenient tool available. They will always know I "CanSeeU".

The CanSeeU's automatic filing and storage ability will take the hassle out of changing tapes and having a library of tapes to store events. Playback is made simple by camera, time, date and event. Images can be easily located and marked or saved for future viewing

The "CanSeeU" can be installed with existing cameras or our staff can review your location and assist in the design and layout of a cost effective solution for all of your needs.

We are the only company to offer this special warranty
and commitment to our customers

Warranty: The cameras include a complete one-year warranty on all parts and labor under normal wear and tear. Adjustments, camera location changes, vandalism, refocusing, and acts outside normal wear and tear are not included. The DVR includes a full one-year warranty under normal wear and tear on the proprietary boards and software. The computer, motherboard, keyboards, mouse, hard drives, CD drives and floppy drives are all included under warranty by the manufacturer's warranty. Service contracts are available after the warranty period that include additional support and yearly adjustments and maintenance of the entire system.

Double DVR satisfaction guarantee: Securetel will provide a one-week no questions asked guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the DVR and its many benefits within one week we will remove the DVR and refund the full purchase price of the DVR. (All you will have paid for is the cameras installed at your location.) This warranty does not cover units damaged, scratched, misused, and relocated from original installation location. Within one month of the installation, if you are not 100% satisfied, Securetel will remove the DVR and replace it with a recorder, multiplexer, and 17" color monitor at no additional charge to you. This warranty does not cover units damaged, scratched, misused, and relocated from original installation location.

Installation Guarantee: Securetel will require a deposit of $1,500.00 to build the DVR based on your needs and schedule a start date for the installation. The balance is due upon completion and your complete satisfaction.

Upgrades: Securetel will extend a full year of software upgrades at no additional charge for the "CanSeeU" and provide full support as upgrades are issued. After the first year a small fee will insure continued upgrades and support to maintain the most current features and benefits.

The Canseeu 1600 is a state of the art Digital Video Recording (DVR) system.

All input images from CCTVs (up to 16) can be displayed and recorded. These images can be easily stored using a variety of backup devices (DAT, CD, DVD, etc) and are easily retrieved by specifying a date and time.

It is also possible to automatically trigger alarm signals by connecting sensors and alarm devices. With the system's remote control feature, the system can be monitored over a network connection such as the Internet.

Following extensive testing in simulated environments, this system is able to offer great stability and a wide range of functions while maintaining simplicity in operation & maintenance.


  • Camera inputs (1 - 16 sets)
  • Sensor inputs (1 - 16 sets)
  • Digital outputs (1 - 4 sets)
  • Support for sound recording and two-way communication
  • Support for multiple images
  • Support for PAN/TILT
  • Support for watchdog function (automatic recovery system)
  • Support for motion detection
  • Support for scheduled recording
  • Support for data backup and auto backup
  • Support for retreival of digitally recorded images
  • Support for networking (PSTN, ISDN , ADSL and TCP/IP)
  • 60 frame capture board system
    (ability to install live video board)
  • Suitable for 4-8 sets of CCTV
  • Can be used for parking lots, shopping centers, offices, banks, etc
B/W COLOR 2.4GHz Wireless Infrared Camera and Accessories

Consists of a sensitive b/w or color ccd module, RF transmitter and LED infrared illuminator, which perform 24 hour monitoring.

Uses advanced wireless technology that can tramsmit to an RF receiver through walls. (Transmission distance up to 100m without barriers)
1/3" SONY ccd module with optional lens, 6/8/12mm+IR Illuminator

Resolution:420/600 lines (B/W), 400/520 line (Color) 2.4GHz signal is stable and avoids interference. Portable & easy to install. Connects to home TV and VCR. RF Receiver with 4 channel switcher. Color image automatically switches to B/W in low light. Uses high-speed IR LED (32 pcs), lifetime approx. 10,000 hours IR range 20M (66ft)/40M (132ft), IR angle 56 Automatical light sensor control (2 Lux15%) Built-in fan to cool IR LEDs. Aluminum housing for indoor/outdoor use. (RF Receiver is used indoors only) Camera body has adjustable pan/tilt angle. Accessories include RF receiver, 150cm signal cord and bracket.

12VDC, 24VAC, Switching Power Supply 95~264VAV(47~440Hz)

Outdoor Pan / Tilt

Designed for use with outdoor cameras and infrared illuminators for up, down, left and right angle rotation.

Fixed speed pan/tilt Low noise level, high load High-torque drive motors with instant start-stop capability, Waterproof, 24VAC, 117V/230V Rotation Angle Pan 0 ~ 355, Tilt 90 ( 95 Max) Loading Rating Upright 50 Kgs, Inverted 22.5 Kgs Speed Pan 6.3/ sec, Tilt 6 / sec Reversing instantaneous Safety protection includes built-in electronic recovery breaker. Shuts down when overheated or during power surge. Cable requirement: 6-conductor unshielded Die-casting aluminum alloy housing.

Power Construction Pan 4VA, Tilt 8VA
Power Source 24VAC, 117V / 230V
Dimensions 266(H) x 247(W) x 153(D)mm
Weight Approx 10Kgs
Indoor Scanner

Designed for use with small CCTV cameras for left and right angle rotation.

Low noise level.
High-torque drive motors with instant
start-stop capability.

Rotation Angle Pan 355 Max Automatic Scanning
Tilt Angle External adjustmen 90 Manual Adjustment
Pan Speed Approx 6 / Second
Maximum Load 7 Kgs
Construction Painted Iron and Plastic

Power Consumption 3 Watts
Power Source 24VAC, 117 / 230V
Dimensions 118mm x 110mm
Weight Approx 0.95Kgs
Maximum Load 15Kgs
Construction Painted Iron
Dimensions: 75(W) x115(H) x 240(D) mm
Weight Approx 470gm (1.03 lb)
Adjust Angle PAN/360
Horizontal Adjust In the center
Tilt Angle 90
loosen side screws for adjustment
Maximum Load 3Kgs
Construction ABS injection
Screw Size 1/4"
Dimensions: 194(H) x 90mm
Weight Approx 0.129Kgm (0.29lb)

Maximum Load 10Kgs
Construction Aluminum
and Aluminum/Zinc alloy
Screw Size 1/4"
Dimension: 290(L) x 87(W) x99(H) mm
Weight Approx 547gm (1.2 lb)

Construction Painted Iron
Maximum 3Kgs 15Kgs 30Kgs
Dimensions: 190(L)x97(W)x93(H) mm
240(L)x97(W)x93(H) mm
380(L) x 176(W) x145(H) mm
Weight Approx 653gm (2.14 lb)

Quad Splitter

The quad splitter compresses the pictures to
one-fourth of their size and integrates them
into a single picture with a four-quadrant format.

High resolution and real-time
Four cameras inputs (Looping video outputs)
Quad to full-screen picture zoom on VCR playback
Video loss detection & buzzer setting
Time & date generator, time & date location movable
Alarm input/output
Individual dwell time setting
8-character camera titling
Security lockout
Auto gain control adjustable
Color B/W Color
Video Format EIA or CCIR NTSC or PAL
Refresh Rate 30 fields per second
Digital Memory 2048 x 512 1024 x 512
Horizontal Resolution At least 1000 pixels for full screen
Digital Quantize 8 bits (256 steps Gray Scale)
Video Input 1.0Vp-p 75 ohm Terminated x 4
Video Output 1.0Vp-p full screen or quad, switched output 75 ohm
Alarm Output NC/NO connector x 4, 1A/24VDC max
Auto Scan Time 0 to 99 seconds
Alarm Reset Time 1 to 99 seconds
Power Source 12VDC/AC 1A 12VDC/AC 1.5A
Power Consumption 5 Watts (max) 12 Watts (max)
Operation Temp 0C~45C

Video Amplifier

Video Inputs: 1
Video Outputs: 1
Bandwidth 2.5Hz TO 16MHz3dB
Input Voltage 117V/60Hz, 230V/50Hz
Dimensions 335(W) x 50(H) x 235(D)mm
Weight Approx 1.85 Kgs


Outdoor Camera Housing
Protects the camera against water, dust and destruction. Features an aluminum housing, suitable for indoor/outdoor use, comes with sunlight protection cover. Unit body has adjustable pan/tilt angle and is supplied with a module plate for locking camera. An additional fan or heater can be added.

Domed DSP Color Camera
with 1/3-Inch CCD Image Sensor
3-Window Smoke Detector
Camera with Adjustable Angle