Inventory Control

Inventory or stock represent a large portion of the business investment and must be well managed to maximize profits. The most common problems with inventory are that they are: uncontrolled, inefficient, costly and unreliable.

Companies usually lean towards keeping inventory levels on the high side to insure stock is available when needed. However, this is a high investment which yields a lower return on the dollar invested. Inventory Solutions can help you improve your inventory control so that you:

    • Maintain a proper variety of items
    • Increase inventory turnover
    • Reduce and optimize inventory and safety stock levels

Inventory control is the process of reducing inventory costs while remaining responsive to customer demands. By this definition a store would want to lower its acquisition, carrying ordering and stock out costs to their lowest possible levels. However a store would need to have enough inventories to meet any needs of its customers.

Hudson Valley Webmasters has developed a variety of services to achieve your inventory reduction objectives quickly, efficiently and with minimal effort from you. Our associate's extensive background in materials management enables an approach for every opportunity for savings to be defined to you for prioritization.

Our experience and broad network of resources allow us to extend all avenues of total inventory reductions and to introduce the best possible savings available. During your review, we focus on the key inventory items which will have a highly leveraged impact on your inventory investment. This approach allows you to maximize the benefits while minimizing your effort.